Empower your data with AI

Easily set up AI capabilities over your company's data in one of 50 languages.

Low code. High efficiency.

With Semantee, setting up AI on top of your own data is a matter of minutes.

  • 01 AI-powered search without the hassle

    No need to take weeks configuring all the technologies to achieve AI search. With Semantee, you can start searching semantically through your data in one of 50 languages. Everything is already configured for you.

  • Unlike most other solutions, Semantee can be used both in the cloud and locally using the same interface. Not only does this allow you to keep your data private, you can also save up to 90% of costs compared to existing AI providers.

  • Thanks to our REST API, you can easily integrate Semantee into various applications.

  • No need to re-index your database manually, which allows you to use Semantee for databases of virtually any scale.


Possible Use Cases

With our various extensions, you can use Semantee for different practical applications of semantic search and vector databases.

AI search

Search through a website, product catalog audio, images or documents intelligently and lightning fast.

Knowledge Base

Search through internal documents or data and create a powerful knowledge base.

Q&A Chatbot

Leverage the semantic search feature and the power of conversational AI to answer your customers' questions.

Lightweight BI

Build powerful BI reports from your internal data by allowing human-like queries.

Interested in gaining early access?

Semantee is currently in private beta mode - contact us to get early access to the technology.

About Us

A seasoned team transforming the way you use AI to empower your data.

Ben Fistein

Co-founder, Managing Director

Former consultant, experienced commercial manager and entrepreneur

Cyril Höschl, Ph.D.

Co-founder, Chief Technology Officer

Ph.D. in Computer Science with a specialization in Image Processing